Anti-Pollution Scarf

It seems that everything has to be connected to your smartphone these days, even your scarf. If your daily routine involves breathing in city smoke while riding or walking to work or for leisure, perhaps the world’s first anti-pollution scarf is for you.

At first it may seem like a prank product, or perhaps the final death knell of Hipsterdom. But on further inspection, it’s a real fashion accessory that monitors ambient air and helps stop you from gagging on airborne carcinogens.

WAIR founder, Caroline van Renterghem, found other emission masks to be uncomfortable and used her experience in fashion to create a protective accessory. Now you can look a little more casual and stylish without having to resort to Mad Max style post-apocalyptic masks. Aimed at cyclists, it integrates an air pollutant filtration system and comes with an accompanying app that provides a real-time air emission levels index. But what do you do if too many pollutants are detected by the app? Do you ride in the opposite direction? WAIR claims that bad air quality is responsible for 7 million deaths each year.

As you’d expect, it was developed in France, the home of street protests - and must surely double up as anti-pepper spray protection when protesting the fall of capitalism. When the wearer enters a polluted zone the app alerts them to wrap the scarf over their nose and mouth. It then keeps track of the air quality via the app, monitoring it in real time and retaining the data.

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