Bend It Like Beckham

Jess is the 18-year-old daughter of Punjabi Sikhs living in London. Jules, played by Keira Knightley, is the same age and the daughter of a native English family.

Jess wants nothing more than to be able to play football, but is forbidden due to family rules. She sometimes sneaks a game in the park with boys. Jules discovers Jess' skills in the park and invites her to try out for the local women's football team.

She's excited about the tryouts, even though the coach is skeptical about a new player joining the team. After seeing Jess' skills, he accepts her on the team and Jess lies to him about her parents being okay with her playing.

Jess' parents discover that she's been playing football behind their backs, forbidding her from playing any further.

She continues playing, helping her team get to the league tournament finals, unfortunately on the same day as her sister's big family wedding. Her father comes to her aid, and she's soon put into the spotlight, called upon to 'bend it like Beckham'.

It's a film about following your passion, the need for friendship and living in a world where your values may differ from that of your family. It shows that success can sometimes lead to difficulties that you weren't expecting, but to never give up.

It's now been re-imagined as a West End stage play.

This is a wonderful movie that talks to the heart and it is a good conversation piece.



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