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People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but what about people in clear bubble tents?

Just in time for the holiday season, here’s a retro-futuristic way to experience the outdoors. After all, tents have ruined our view of the sky for years - this way you get to experience nature’s splendour from the comfort of your protected sleeping bag. Stargaze without insects or mosquito bites (last week’s link) ruining the experience.

Made from PVC material, bubble tents are waterproof, inflammable and take 5-15 minutes to set up. They come in various sizes, accommodating from two to eight people, and include a repair kit, glue, and blower to maintain cabin pressure.

(Power supply not included - that’s for you to figure out.)

The blower draws very little energy, equivalent to a household appliance, and with the blower running the total volume of air is replaced 6-7 times per hour. The constant flow of air maintains a comfortable climate and no condensation forms.

The basic design can be customised with 'solar LED lighting, optional inflatable furniture, shelving, portable restrooms, heating, extra windows or even a pet room can be added on.’ It can be easily installed for parties, in parks, amusement centres and backyards. Now you can really keep an eye on the kids in the garden.

For adults, unless you’re really off-grid, some people create a curtain system for privacy. Otherwise just stop sleeping in the nude.

‘An excellent travel accessory for camping and outdoor enthusiasts with a penchant for stargazing,’ but probably also great for eco-minded swingers or exhibitionist parties.

Next time you show up at a campsite with friends and family setting up their old army tent, you’ll really stand out from the crowd. Available at official sites, or at a lower price from online Chinese manufacturers.

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