Levitating Bulbs

Smartphones enable you to get the party started, tracking down friends and finding a good location to meet. But once you start drinking, you can use your phone to help do so responsibly. Cautoh is free software for Android and iOS that lets users track their drinking and estimate their blood alcohol level. Checking if you’re within the blood alcohol limit or determining how much time you’d need to wait before you're within limits again. It also works with a separate Breath Analyser, which you’ll have to pay for, also developed by Cautoh. The analyser connects via Bluetooth and processes your breath using an “advanced semiconductor alcohol sensor” and makes suggestions on when users can drive based on their body alcohol content.

Use the app by selecting your drink from a list in the app. Based on your weight, gender and other formulas you get an approximation of your blood alcohol content. The list is filled with popular drinks around the world, but you can create your own drinks if you want. You can also search nearby restaurants, where you can wait until you are within legal limits to drive. Hopefully it’s not too difficult to use when you’re imbibing with friends, but it’ll definitely help you be more mindful of how much you’ve consumed, or to figure out if you should slow down.

The app also enables you to book a cab, get a designated driver or call a friend. Use your smartphone to help you make smart choices when drinking.


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