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Mar 28, 2016


There will always be competition – embrace it. The competition keeps us on our toes. It compels us to push the envelopes and to innovate and try harder. Know the lay of the land and never dismiss the competitors. Respect them and always be professional. Adapt and change and differentiate. Pricing should never be what makes you better. You can be more expensive if you are delivering a premium service. Growing your market share is always an imperative, but so is growing the entire market. Invest in your staff and in your service offering and improve constantly. If there is an opportunity to lure a prospect from a competitor and turn them into one of your clients then go for it – but do it with grace and with respect.

Insights from coolfidence
7 tips + 8 insights for making a good impression in a business meeting
Oct 28, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Sometimes you need to impress people in a business meeting like your life depends on it. Consider the stakes and then remember that there are some true basics that one should always stick to. Even if you feel like you know everything Coolfidence has some good ideas for you.

9 clues on getting your customer to help you attract more customers
Oct 28, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

If your customers trust you and if you provide a valued service then they are going to help you. Of course, you will need to put in time, and be creative and persistent. Do this, and the results will delight you. Customers are stakeholders in your well being. If they enjoy you they don't want you to disappear. So, bond with them and ask for help. It works!

4 hints on how to nudge people who are not getting back to you
Oct 28, 2015 © Brendan Jack

Chasing people is always frustrating. We share with you creative ways to get people to respond. The dance can be a lot more fun if you put imagination into it.

5 colourful ways to make yourself more irresistible and interesting
Oct 28, 2015 © Brendan Jack

How many times have you wanted a magical potion to make your new acquaintances hang on to your every word? That is a dream of course, but at Coolfidence we know some simple techniques that help to make yourself irresistibly more interesting and likable to everyone you meet.

1 business card and 1 mission
Oct 28, 2015 © Brendan Jack

If you follow these simple rules, you don't need a superglue to get people to hold on to your business card. Literally.

7 guidelines to cutting through the maze at conferences and maximizing your networking
Oct 28, 2015 © Brendan Jack

So many people, so little time. Don't miss any opportunities - the opposite of networking is not-working. So master the art of maximizing your airtime at conferences.

7 tips everyone should know to give captivating presentations
Oct 28, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Engage your audience and get them involved. Capture their imaginations with some cool tips and techniques ala Coolfidence. Tell stories that speak to people's souls. Get them wanting more.

5 clues on how to change the subject when in an uncomfortable situation
Nov 18, 2015 © Brendan Jack

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of important meeting but with some circumstances against you? We all have. Learn how to get back to a safe zone.

5 clues on how to find good people
Nov 18, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

We don't invest in ideas, we invest in people. Good ideas are important, but good people are even more fundamental. People make things happen. But finding good people is a never ending struggle - we all know this story. We share with you a few clues on how to incentify and attract the best of the best.

5 simple and effective ways to say NO without being rude
Nov 18, 2015 © Brendan Jack

If you struggle to say NO then think about why you almost always say YES. It is ok to say NO though - master the art of doing it gracefully and respectfully. This one word will free up time for you to do what you meant to do. We share with you some insights on how best to say NO.

4 insights on how to bond with people
Nov 18, 2015 © Brendan Jack

When you kiss ass with flair and creativity, everyone wins. Do it with a smile and be sincere. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Bonding with people is about being yourself and it is about keeping your promises. Connecting with people is fundamental and we share with you some key pointers.

4 basics when it comes to the timing of that important call
Nov 18, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Phoning someone can be as important as meeting them face-to-face. Know when the best time to call and what to say. Be prepared and be focused. Be yourself. And be attentive. We all have to make important phone calls so make sure you have the basics down pat.

5 maxims for making sure luck is with you
Nov 19, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Luck favors the persistent. But there is more to it than that. Learn to recognize the signs - luck is all around us: good and bad. Seize the good and avoid the bad. Coolfidence raises fundamental questions to help in identifying when luck is close by.

5 baby steps on effectively engaging with younger people
Dec 01, 2015 © Brendan Jack

Of course, it's not about teen-labor. But younger people will always keep coming and there's nothing wrong with that. And to keep going in the right direction, we all must know how to engage with people younger than us.

5 pointers on keeping those e-mails tight
Dec 01, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

It is so easy to fire off an e-mail, but keeping it short and to the point is not so simple. We share with you some basic on how to be more effective in this online world of digital communications.

5 truths about living with purpose
Dec 09, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Purpose is both a curse and a privilege. Most people never embrace this word, but if you do want to explore what it means to love what you do, and do what you love, then Coolfidence offers you a look into what it means to embrace one's calling.

4 signs you are an entrepreneur
Jan 19, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Entrepreneurs take risks, financially and emotionally. They are optimistic by nature and they are driven. Selling is a fundamental part of the entrepreneurial journey. Coolfidence is being developed by entrepreneurs who share their life lessons with you.

Measure 7 times, cut once - yes, we all like good surprises
Jan 26, 2016 © Brendan Jack

Capturing imaginations is all about surprise. No one likes a bomb dropped on them, but an early Christmas present always delights. Managing expectations and going beyond the call of duty is all about surprise. Keep your promises and people will be surprised, especially in this wired world where no one seems to have spare time. At Coolfidence we are all about surprise - come explore this important subject with us.

A handful of words can make a difference
Feb 02, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Words can inspire and words can excite. They can also demotivate and damage. So, use words wisely, and think about making an opening impression. A single line can get everyone in the zone, or, it can put people off. We share some important insights when it comes to the power of words.

5 possible "smoke" signals that you are in the business
Feb 09, 2016 © Brendan Jack

Smoking may not be what it used to be, and at Coolfidence none of us are smokers, but where there is smoke, there may be smoked salmon. Yes, smokers are people too, and sometimes joining the smoking circle may be good networking. Just don't inhale. At Coolfidence we are all about connecting with people and cigarettes have always brought people together. It is something to keep in mind if ever there is an opportunity that you don't want to see go up in smoke.

7 tips to dealing with people's mobile phone obsession
Feb 22, 2016 © Brendan Jack

When someone asks me if I am happy with my phone, then I answer "When I get good calls, yes. And when I get calls with bad news, then no." Sure, we all love all this digital technology at our fingertips but when it comes to people, there is no substitute for eye contact and face-to-face communications. At Coolfidence we are exploring the art of connecting with people and we share with you fundamental guidelines to keeping it real.

7 fashion tips that all point to the jacket
Mar 09, 2016 © Brendan Jack

Some prefer fancy outfits, and some like comfortable threads. Whatever your vibe, it all goes better with a bit of a Coolfidence arsenal to add to the mix. You don't have to use it all in one go, but being prepared is the battle won. And there's much more you can do with Coolfidence and a jacket.

Throw a surprise party, minus the party.
Mar 25, 2016 © Brendan Jack

It’s a Monday afternoon and you’re about to go into a brainstorming session. The current website is looking a bit tired - time for a fresh approach. You have gathered some of the longstanding staff together with a bunch of newcomers. You want the newbies bonding with the veterans and the purpose of the meeting is to try come up with new ideas for additions to the company website. You have 60 minutes to create some team spirit and to get the creative juices flowing.

7 secrets of being an entrepreneur
Mar 25, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

We all love a good story. Being an entrepreneur is all about having a story to tell. Entrepreneurs take risks, and when this happens we step out of our comfort zones and this is where the story always gets interesting.

1 sexy point to get people on board
Apr 06, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

I remember my university days fondly. It was during this time that I started to develop my entrepreneurial and selling abilities. Every Saturday and Sunday I used to wake up early and pack my wares into my VW Golf and head to my allocated stall at the flea-market.

1 major tip when selling : listen more
Apr 19, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

When you make a sales pitch of course you have to talk. Be articulate, be clear, by precise. And if you are charming then that always helps. But, more than anything else, you also need to listen.

3 things to look out for if you want your business to grow
Jun 07, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Do you see yourself as a business person? Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? If so, then you will need to start looking outside the walls of your organization.

Compete with yourself
Sep 12, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Is competition a good thing? We are all scripted to believe it is. People often say things like, “We welcome competition.” Is competition a natural thing? Is it a product of society or is it something inherent in all of us. Animals don’t compete. They try to survive – there is a big difference. Animals certainly don’t try and better each other in the process. The leopards, for example, are climbing trees, not the corporate ladder.

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