Fidget Cube

If you catch yourself clicking pens, fiddling with your jewellery, popping bubble wrap and generally fidgeting with your hands in meetings, you’re probably the target market for the Fidget Cube.

Devised by two brothers, Matthew and Mark McLachlan, the cube fits in the palm of your hand, is mostly vinyl, and comes with satisfying-feeling metal pieces and rubber buttons to play with, including switches to flick, buttons to push and a small joystick.

It’s aimed at adults who don’t have a lot of fidget toys to choose from, but backers are already suggesting that it may help people with ADHD and other mental conditions cope in social settings. (Fidgeting is said to be beneficial for kids with ADHD as well as for people to be more productive and creative.)

It won't unlock a hidden puzzle inside (or will it? You can only try) but it will keep you engaged through hours of boring meetings. Said to help you focus, it’s available in eight different colours: dice, graphite, sunset, midnight, aqua, berry, retro and fresh.

The Fidget Cube currently has over 146 thousand backers who’ve pledged over $6 million on Kickstarter. Not bad considering that they only aimed to raise $15,000. And now comes the task of being able to ship the product to all those people.

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