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Mar 28, 2016


A business needs capital so make sure you have the right skills in place to get your numbers in order. A good financial person is always key. The numbers may never lie, but they also don’t add up, unless someone is on top of that. Don’t throw good money after bad and don’t be scared to switch off the tap and pull the plug if something is not working. Look for bad debt and don’t be sad to see bad customers go. Cashflow is fundamental so make sure you are on top of the numbers. Staying in the black is not only about good products and healthy sales, but also about the bigger picture and about the details. Don’t get caught with your pants down.

Insights from coolfidence
5 maxims for making sure luck is with you
Nov 19, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Luck favors the persistent. But there is more to it than that. Learn to recognize the signs - luck is all around us: good and bad. Seize the good and avoid the bad. Coolfidence raises fundamental questions to help in identifying when luck is close by.

5 principles to making money and being smart about it
Nov 19, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Be good at one thing and work hard at it, and yes, you will make a living. Have some luck as well and you may make a fortune. It all comes down to people. Make your own luck by attracting and looking after the best people you can find. Make sure you have the right paradigm - we offer you some fundamental principles.

4 signs you are an entrepreneur
Jan 19, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Entrepreneurs take risks, financially and emotionally. They are optimistic by nature and they are driven. Selling is a fundamental part of the entrepreneurial journey. Coolfidence is being developed by entrepreneurs who share their life lessons with you.

One fundamental truth about money and motivation
Feb 15, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Money pays the bills and it puts food on the table, but when it comes to be feeling motivated that is a function of something deeper. When you believe in something and feel inspired then you get motivated. Yes, money provides comfort and choice, but money does not speak to your heart. A motivated person is doing something they love to do. Leaders who try and motivate their teams are more effective when they understand that money doesn't make anyone love coming to work.

6 facts about money and friends
Feb 29, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

When someone asks you to lend them money you can do 3 things: agree to help them, say no, or play games. Don't play games, and if you say no, then do it gracefully. But, if you lend a friend money then know that you will probably lose your friend and your money. Money talks and Coolfidence listens, and we share with you what we have learned.

7 secrets of being an entrepreneur
Mar 25, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

We all love a good story. Being an entrepreneur is all about having a story to tell. Entrepreneurs take risks, and when this happens we step out of our comfort zones and this is where the story always gets interesting.

If you are financially independent, then what does another million dollars mean to you?
May 04, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

What is the point of making more and more money?

6 points to consider when buying a home
Jun 14, 2016 © Brendan Jack

There’s never really a ‘best time’ to buy a home, as property will ultimately continue to grow in price.

9 things to consider when using your credit card overseas
Jun 14, 2016 © Brendan Jack

Whether it's business or pleasure, taking a credit card with you on international trips can make travel easier.

Things to keep in mind when filming in London and South Africa
Jun 14, 2016 © Brendan Jack

The cops don't have guns in London, but that doesn't mean there isn't shooting in the streets. We recently jetted from Coolfidence HQ JHB to the UK to find out how much shooting we could get away with. In the filming sense of the word.

5 tips for dealing with e-mail overload after a long flight
Jun 21, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

A long distance flight and the stress of landing and getting online and having e-mail overload … landing and checking your mails, and social media kak … and it is kak !

8 ways to combat the spend-trend
Jul 26, 2016 © Brendan Jack

Why do we need to buy so much unnecessary stuff? Is it a conspiracy dreamed up by world powers, in collusion with the capitalism machine? Whatever the reason, you probably don’t need as much as you do.

WhatsApp with America?
Sep 19, 2016 © Brendan Jack

WhatsApp have more than a billion worldwide users, but most of them aren't in America. Why is that?

Quality VS quantity
Oct 10, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Not so many years ago farming was about producing the best harvest. These days it is more about producing the most harvest. What has happened to the quality there used to be in the world. Everything is about quantity these days. Everything is about numbers. It is all about the bottom line. What about the purpose of what we do? What has happened to the quality of life? Is it really all about money? I don’t really have the answer but I do have more and more evidence these days that money is the only thing on people’s agendas.

Questions about the future of money by someone who is not a banker
Nov 27, 2016 © Brendan Jack

Money is basically a promise underwritten by banks, where everyone agrees that it has a value and we all go along with it. Ones and zeros in cyberspace, conjured up and manipulated by banking wizards. Money, it seems, is a fictional popularity contest.

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