Fly Bye

We all know that classic movie The Fly. Well, this is not it. This is the fly that wasn't. Ever had an annoying fly buzzing around, disturbing the peace? We all have. Here you get to zap the fly and then, eat it. Yes, that always breaks the ice. A fly in the ointment with a twist and a turn, and no ointment.

Guide lines

Get a bag of raisins (even just two if you're on a tight budget.) Have a magazine or a wad of paper within reaching distance. It’s best to try this around a fixed surface like a desk or kitchen counter. Look round like you’re being bothered by a fly. Start to incorporate the person you’re connecting with.


Flies are irritating, aren’t they?

Make gestures like the fly is buzzing around your ear. Swat your hand and try to shoo the fly.

Pretend that you're going to catch the intruder.


Where did this fly come from, friend of yours?

You roll up the magazine or paper - getting ready to strike.


You know there’s no escape.

You slam down the magazine or paper on the desk.

When you pull back the magazine you drop a raisin on the desk.


Got it, that fly won’t be bothering us anymore.

Pick up the raisin. Hold it in your finger tips to show the other person and quickly put it in your mouth.


A bit salty.

Pull out your bag of raisins and offer them a fake fly.


Want a raisin? They’re very good.

Some extra lines you can try throughout

  • Man I get a real buzz out of doing that.
  • Did you see the size of it, it looks like a small bat?
  • Are we in Australia? I hear you don’t need friends there because you always have flies to keep you company. (Or replace Australia with your favourite rival country.)
  • You didn’t think I’d eat a fly did you? I’m a vegetarian. 
  • Raisins, they make great stunt doubles for flies.
  • Next time, let’s catch lunch on the fly?
Anticipated responses and retorts

Did you just eat a fly … argggh.

They are full of vitamins – here, try one (pulling out your bag of raisins from your pocket).

What did you just do?

I zapped the intruder. This is a no fly zone.

That didn’t look like a fly.

Flies these days come in all shapes and sizes. That was the raisin fly. A cousin to the blue-eyed version.
Good follow ups
When & where
When to use it
  • When you want to get someone to smile and relax – this is a great tension breaker.
  • This is a good one-on-one engagement tool.
  • This is great for parents at the breakfast table – it will certainly get everyone to stop looking at their mobile phones.
  • Can be used in a restaurant to josh around with a waiter.
Where to use it
  • office
  • board room
  • pub
  • restaurant
  • breakfast table
  • table top
  • counter
  • desk
  • any place with a flat surface
Getting ready
Items required
  • a bag of raisins
  • a magazine or a wod of papers
  • Get a bag of raisins (even just two if you're on a tight budget). 
  • Have a magazine or a wad of paper within reaching distance.
  • It’s best to try this around a fixed surface like a desk or kitchen counter.
Training required
  • Practice dropping a raisin on a flat surface (table, for example) that you are about to strike to swat the fly.
Watch out (potential unexpected effects)
  • Try to drop the raisin naturally and don’t throw it across the table.
  • Always keep a few raisins spare in the bag for the follow-up.
  • Don’t swat a real fly by mistake and then eat it.

type type

Do It Yourself (DIY)

material material


size size

small (a small bag of raisins can fit into your pants or jacket pocket)

durability durability

they are raisins … they can be squished if you sit on them

source source

an English professor

time to impact time to impact

pretty much on the fly, er, instant

size of audience size of audience

personal or two or more people

possible health risk possible health risk

don’t zap a real fly and eat it

reusable how many times you can use it

multiple times

training needed training needed

minimal – practice dropping a raisin on a table as discretely as you can

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