Here Active

The Here Active Listening System involves a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that sync with a smartphone app that uses algorithms to change the way you hear anything from live music events to walking down a noisy street. Basically giving you the power to control the sounds around you.

The technology, created by Doppler Labs, changes the way you experience live audio with each bud having its own micro-processor that is readjusting audio in real-time. Enabling you to customise your experience. Turn up the bass or decrease the bass levels at a concert, or dampen the sounds of car engines or people’s voices.

The app enables you to control every part of the EQ, targeting specific frequency ranges so that you can isolate and control a given sound as it enters your ears - as well as adjusting basic volume and offering special effects like echo, fuzz and flange for fun auditory experiences. You can choose presets for specific places, for example, going to the mall versus heading to a live jazz club.

Sometimes described as 'bionic ears’, this Kickstarter funded project got backed by some noted investors such as Hans Zimmer and Quincy Jones, who also provided input on the tech development. They also partnered with the Coachella music festival, aiming to offer the Here Active Listening system to every single person who buys a ticket to the festival.

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