frequently asked questions

What is Coolfidence?

It is about the gentle art of persuasion, and capturing people’s imaginations. It is about making people feel comfortable and leaving an impression. It is about creating a vibe and starting conversations. It is about breaking the ice and warming up a room.

We are all so wired in this high-tech world that we have lost sight of the fundamentals. Coolfidence is about getting back to basics and about getting people to do what they are meant to do: connect.

Does Coolfidence work?

Everyone has their own unique personality which influences how, when, where and why they connect with other people.

People in a busy office environment can walk past each other, day after day, and never talk. Close friends often neglect to nurture their relationships, and, well, just be friends.

Coolfidence gives you a toolkit, an arsenal of content, ideas, techniques and ice-breakers, to help stimulate conversations, make eye contact, and talk. If you can make someone smile, and arouse their curiosity, they will naturally want to engage with you.

Coolfidence is about helping you to be yourself, only better. It is a way to exercise your coolness and your confidence. In a word, your Coolfidence!

Who is Coolfidence for?

It's for everybody. Young and old. Rich and poor. Tall and short. Thin or fat. All cultures, all nations, all people. We were all born to connect. Of course, the results will differ from person to person and there is no guarantee that people will warm to your new antics. Don’t start doing colourful things at a funeral, for example, and expect any positive results.

What do I need to do to join the Coolfidence community?

You just need to sign up. Every month you will receive a dosage of new content.

Get involved. Try the material offered, and enjoy.

What does Coolfidence cost?

It costs nothing. And there are no requirements at all, except to keep an open mind. This takes very little time. You do not have to read lengthy material or learn complicated new skills. You'll learn, but you'll have fun in the process.

What does it mean to be a member of Coolfidence?

You will have access to tried and tested ice-breaking materials. You will have the opportunity to submit your own ideas and learn from other members .

Are there are downsides to Coolfidence?

You may start to enjoy life more, laugh more, and become more effective. If you can’t handle that, stop now.

What can I expect when I join Coolfidence?

A monthly supply of stimulus. Prepare to have your imagination captured and to have fun.

Created and curated content will be delivered to you that will empower you to be more effective in your endeavours. From the office, to the home, to where the road takes you.

Specialised content, lived and tested by the Coolfidence team.

Will Coolfidence change my life?

That we can’t say. We do know that people who smile more are happier.

Coolfidence will help you to get people excited. It will get people curious and it will create conversations. Coolfidence is a tool to engage. If nurtured, it will help you to connect with people.

Life is all about people, and in these stressful times of high-tech and low-tolerance, we need more and more ways to help us get back to basics.

Where can I try to use Coolfidence?

At work, at home with family, with your friends, wherever there are people.

You can use Coolfidence to energise a staff meeting, bond with a customer, inspire a colleague. It is only limited by your own imagination.

When is the best time to use Coolfidence?

Whenever and wherever you need to connect. When a meeting needs a boost. When you need to make a shy person feel comfortable. When you need to inspire and motivate people.

There are no guarantees, but one thing is for sure, everyone loves a good surprise, and laughter is not just the best's the best ice-breaker.

How much time will I need to spend learning Coolfidence?

There is no need to invest any lengthy time into utilising what Coolfidence has to offer. The aim is to add something positive to life, and not bog it down with intense and time consuming lessons.

How do you know if the ice has been broken?

When the other person smiles that is a tell-tale sign. If they start to ask questions, and laugh a bit, then you have warmed up a situation. If you get punched in the eye, well then you know you still have some work to do (only kidding).

What if the ice is not broken after you try and use some Coolfidence?

There are no guarantees that what we are suggesting will work. But, if you be yourself, and you capture people’s imaginations, they will warm up to you, and they will be curious. And if they don’t ask questions then turn the tables and ask them some questions. Or, throw in a funny line of dialogue that we suggest on the web site for the icebreaker you are using. Laughter is always the best icebreaker.

What do you do once the ice has been broken?

Be yourself. Believe in yourself. Talk, ask questions, engage. We assume that chatting to people is something you enjoy doing. What we are proposing here is a way to get a conversation started. Coolfidence will surprise and delight, and that is always a good way to get people chatting.

Where do I start?

Just sign up to the newsletter, and enjoy!