Cameron Crowe, the director/writer, masterfully shows us how to mix three genres: Romantic Comedy, Drama and Sports.

Jerry Maguire is a successful sports agent with big clients. After questioning his purpose in life, he writes up a new manifesto to live by. This isn’t taken well by his superiors and wife-to-be, leaving him stripped of high earning clients and elite status.

Jerry steps back into the sports business with one client and another person who believes in his abilities - a single mother with a young boy. He’s immediately thrown into the deep-end, against the odds.

This film introduced us to the phrases, "show me the money" and "you complete me” - and won Cuba Gooding Jnr an Academy Award, as well as a string of other Golden Globe Awards.

It covers topics such as purpose, following your heart, doing what’s right and choosing quality over quantity.

A quote from the film:
Dicky Fox
If this [points to heart] is empty, this [points to head] doesn't matter.

This movie makes a great icebreaker. Share it with colleagues, family and friends, or watch it as a work bonding or training exercise.



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