Letter Better

Letter Better

We often don’t have the capacity to remember large amounts of data, especially in today’s world of information overload. Most people can’t remember more than six to nine letters read to them in a row, but you’ll show them that they can remember way more than the average and expand their brains.

Guide lines
Ready, Steady, Go!

This works with one person or a group of people. Reveal your plan to a chosen person.

You could also use a printout from one of those eye tests we see at a doctor’s rooms. You can mention that you are going to put the letters into use with a different kind of test. After all, your memory is more important than anything else.

Lend me your ears


Most people can’t remember more than a sequence of six to nine letters read in a row, I’ll show you that you can remember way more than that… Keen?

Start with a shorter sequence of letters. You could also print the letters out on a piece of paper and hold them up for a minute. You could style the printed letters to make it look like an eye test. This is just for some pazzaz.



They should have no problem with remembering this. Add a few more letters.



They may be able to remember this.

Seal the Deal and Reveal

Now try a long string of letters.



They will probably not remember this.


You couldn’t remember ten letters, but let me show you how you can actually remember more than that. Here we go:

They should remember this due to word-chunking. Give them a round of applause.

Some extra lines you can try

  • Seventeen letters… that must be close to a world record.
  • Just don’t use your new skill to start counting cards at the casino.
  • Check out the big brain on Brad.
Alternative ending

See if you can add even more letters to the memory challenge, by perhaps adding words such as HORSE or ANT.

Anticipated responses and retorts

How many letters did you remember?

Same as you.

Does this work with numbers too?

It can, if there is a special sequence I reckon. Good question.

Have you ever tried that with the alphabet, but reading it out backwards?

Now that is something we must try!
Good follow ups
When & where
When to use it
  • When you want to get people thinking laterally.
  • When you want to get people smiling.
  • When you want to create some team spirit.
Where to use it
  • general informal gatherings
  • team building events
  • mentoring
  • leadership forums
  • socializing
Getting ready
Items required
  • You can print out the letters for added effect, but it is not necessary
  • Consider the option of the print out, otherwise this is as easy as falling off a log.
Training required
  • Just jump right in.
Watch out (potential unexpected effects)
  • Perhaps a few groans. But mainly smiles.

type type

Do It Yourself (DIY)

material material

the optional print out

size size

it is all in your head

durability durability

letters will outlast all of us

source source

a friend

time to impact time to impact

pretty much there and then

size of audience size of audience

one-on-one or in a group

possible health risk possible health risk

you may confuse a few folk

reusable how many times you can use it

just once

training needed training needed

just have fun and keep a straight face

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