Levitating Bulbs

Talk about a lightbulb moment… Scientist, Simon Morris, was inspired by hover boards and used this thinking to change the lightbulb, which has pretty much stayed the same for 135 years. His goal is to "create high-quality anti-gravity products that captivate the imagination.”

The 'Flyte' light bulb uses magnets to hover above a wooden base, and gets switched on and off by touching the base. It’s also said to have an incredible lifetime of 22 years. His energy-efficient bulb rotates if spun, uses induction technology, and even offers the option to wirelessly charge your cellphone.

"Flyte is a combination of Flying and Light,” says Simon. A magnet is embedded in the bottom cap of the bulb and suspends in the air through its opposing force from the wooden base. It consumes very little power and will remain levitating and rotating endlessly.

To add to the idea, Simon has also created a unique planter that hovers above a magnetic base and rotates in order to provide the plant with 360 degrees of nourishment from the sun, rather than traditional soil. The rotation benefits air plants, that absorb nutrients through the air, rather than a conventional root system.



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