Lumo and PitPat

Smart clothing continues to get smarter. Lumo, makers of smart shorts and leggings, decided to roll out a standalone sensor to work with any pair of shorts to deliver tracking data. The washing machine-proof sensor clips onto the back of the waistband and can measure a whole variety of running intrinsics, such as cadence, pelvic rotation, stride length and ground contact time.

This enables real-time coaching with feedback through your headphones to help improve running form and reduce the chances of injury. You can plot data over time, seeing how your metrics shift as you focus on them. All of the data is saved to their platform, with the data available to export by those wanting to do analysis via offline tools. Re-charging is simply done via micro-USB cable.

As their website points out, "Previously, our garment helped to control the sensor placement on the PSI — the optimal location for capturing accurate biomechanics, but after spending several weeks iterating on several designs, form factors and tweaking our algorithms, we're excited to announce that we've found a way to accommodate the flexibility of a stand-alone sensor that clips on to the back of any running garment while still maintaining the same level of accuracy in the data captured. Lumo Run combines the powerful data of a running lab with the personal attention of a coach to help you run your best.”

And while you have the sensor for your shorts, why not attach PitPat to your pet's collar. It uses accelerometers to track a dog’s activity levels and reports that data to a smartphone app over Bluetooth. The device can theoretically go a year on its battery. PitPat’s website asks, "What has your dog done today?” Although there’s no reason you can't try it out on your cat... If you really want to know what your cat gets up to when out of your site.

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