Money Talks

Money Talks

Money captures most people’s attention, so why not start a cash conversation? All you need is a bank note, for example a $100 bill. Then ask the person you’re chatting with to pull out the same note to match you.

Guide lines
Ready, Steady, Go!

Take both notes, fold them together and place them in a match box, then place it under a glass or under your phone. Or simply place the folded bank notes under your wallet.

Make sure you put them in a place that does not belong to the other person.

Refer to the bank notes as "these notes" or "the notes" but not "our notes" or "your and my notes”. You need to make them ownerless.


I’m putting these notes in this matchbox and under this glass right here… Everyone likes a good deal right?

Lend me your ears

Give the spectator a smile and offer them a deal they can’t refuse.


Here’s the deal… would you like to buy this matchbox for $150 … which means you pay $150 for $200? Cash in hand.

Seal the Deal and Reveal

Your spectator should be eager, usually forgetting that one of the original two notes is their own note.


It’s a great deal, right?

Take their cash and hand them the booty from the matchbox.


Spoils go to the victor, well done on your investment.

Some extra lines you can try

  • I guess it’s your round?
  • Money talks, and yours just said goodbye.
  • I didn’t know you were so shrewd, dude.
  • Maybe you can now afford to give me a light?
Alternative ending

Explain to them how it works, that they’re actually paying more for less. (As you should every time.)


Can I put you in touch with a good investment person? You might need it.

Anticipated responses and retorts

Does everyone fall for that?

We all do. I did too.

How does that work?

I guess money clouds people’s thoughts.

What can we learn from this?

That money is the root of all evil. But then, a man needs roots.
Good follow ups
When & where
When to use it
  • When you want to make a point about perception.
  • When you want to get people thinking outside of box.
  • When you want to discuss the uncomfortable subject of money.
Where to use it
  • office
  • mentoring sessions
  • sales meetings
  • cocktail functions
Getting ready
Items required
  • you need a $100 bill
  • whoever you do this to will need a $100 bill too
  • Make sure you have some money in your wallet.
Training required
  • Works right away.
Watch out (potential unexpected effects)
  • Don’t lose your money.

type type

Do It Yourself (DIY)

material material

cash bills

size size

fits in your wallet – should be in your wallet, cash, that is

durability durability

as long as you don’t spend it, you should always be ready

source source

a friend from around the corner

time to impact time to impact

pretty much there and then

size of audience size of audience

this is best as a one-on-one tool

possible health risk possible health risk

you could end up buying a round of drinks

reusable how many times you can use it

once per person

training needed training needed

none (works right away)

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