Nod Pod

An effective travel pillow seems like a problem that should’ve been solved by now. Outside of flying business class or getting your own mini-apartment on Emirates or Air Force One, cattle class doesn’t get to sleep comfortably. Unless you have that natural gift, then well done, just don’t be so smug about it.

Others of us have to fly fourteen hours after being awake for eighteen hours, then go straight to meetings that make you feel like you're dreaming the conversation.

The best pillow for travel may turn out to be a ‘head hammock’. The Nod Pod helps you avoid neck pain when travelling and is billed as the ultimate sleep travel solution. It works on all types of seats, according to the creators, from planes to cars to office chairs.

You presumably wouldn’t get strangled during severe turbulence, although many of us would willing to take that risk for three hours of disrupted sleep. (Actually, it includes a safety cord that will break away if there’s a sudden pressure or impact.)

It helps fight jet lag and awkwardly waking up on fellow travelers, by keeping your head from falling forward, left or right - supported by comfortable memory foam around your jaw. Perhaps it could also help your head stay afloat in the event of a crash landing into water.

Sure it could be mistaken for some kind of auto-erotic sex contraption, but it might be worth it if you can nod off next to the guy clipping his toenails next to you over the Atlantic.

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