NomadKey USB charging cable for iPhone and Android

When packing for business or holiday trips, it helps to be able to spend less time running through check lists. And with Apple’s latest Airpod earphones going wireless, why not also go wireless on your phone charger?

You (usually) leave the house with your keys, which is the idea behind NomadKey, which is shaped like a key and fits easily on your keychain. Because keys are quite rugged, getting dropped and thrown around, NomadKey uses a high-grade polycarbonate and rubber elastomer to make it flexible and durable. The USB connectors are housed in a robust metal jacket, so you can't scratch the gold contacts - avoiding the need for protection caps. The Apple Lightning connector is also made to avoid scratches.

So now you’ll remember your charger, but will have to be on the lookout for potential USB ports on computers, printers, TVs and modern hotel rooms.

Made by Nomad, who are known for minimalist, portable and rugged smartphone and smart watch accessories, it’s available for iPhone and Android phones. Until Apple decides to change all their charging connection docks again. First World problems.

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