Nora: Smart Snoring Solution

Many tech breakthroughs are getting their day in the sun due to crowdfunding. Nora, a smart snoring solution developed in San Francisco, is no different.

A good night’s sleep is essential for good health, but a snoring partner doesn’t help.

Nora is a non-invasive, small device that sits next to your bed and works in conjunction with the Expander, which slides under your pillow. Nora is fitted with a microphone and detects snoring, automatically giving the snorer a nudge when they get too loud.

When it detects snoring, the Expander - a padded cushion that sits under a person's pillow - gets activated and gently adjusts head placement to stop the snoring. This mild movement is said to stimulate muscles in the throat and neck which, when relaxed while sleeping, causes snoring. As a result, the airway assume a natural position to enable normal breathing.

Without waking you up, you can return to a better night’s sleep and diminish health risks that can come from snoring. Nora also syncs with a smartphone app to reveal sleep habits and how 'quiet' the night was.

Giving someone a nudge (nudge link) is often beneficial. This way a nudge can help both partners enjoy a quiet night together.

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