the nudge laboratory

The future of nudging

Have a unique and cool YouTube video magically created for you that will help you to “nudge” a colleague or friend – a powerful tool to connect with people.

With a few clicks, and a cup-of-coffee later, you get the 21st century video nudging tool. To nudge someone is to gently prod them. At Coolfidence we are all about using a light touch and the art of nudging is about reminding someone you are there without being too much. Breaking the ice requires creative flair and Coolfidence gives you an edge. Our “nudge” video tool is about telling someone you are going to call them so that they look forward to hearing from you. People love to have their imaginations captured and our nudge video tool empowers you to make a difference.

nudge 'em now
Blitz nudge

When you have no time for the video or want to nudge someone on-the-go, then use on of our nudge library images right now

See how
Peace pizza
Alarm Clock
Over the moon
Back to the drawing board
Beam me up
High Five
Bach dog
Put your money where your mouth is