Raising the Barcode

Raising the Barcode

We all enjoy someone who can give accurate predictions. It engages our minds. But how do they do it? Quite simply in this case, with the use of a printed out barcode and an envelope.

Guide lines
Ready, Steady, Go!

Using an A4 printout and an envelope is best to add some razzmatazz to your prediction showmanship, otherwise use whatever’s at your disposal. Then start asking questions.


You may not believe this, but I can accurately read minds and predict outcomes… can I show you?

Lend me your ears

Show that you’re really concentrating.


In your mind, please imagine your favourite shopping centre in the world, don’t tell me… now, also imagine your favourite shop in that mall… can you see it in your mind? Don’t tell me what it is… Now imagine your favourite product in that shop, okay? What is the price of your favourite product?

Seal the Deal and Reveal

They will give you a number, e.g. ten bucks fifty. Hold the envelope to your head, then pull out the barcode printout. Show them the back of the paper first, not the barcode. Look at the barcode and nod.


Ten bucks fifty, correct.

Reveal the barcode. This will usually result in a short, expressionless stare, followed by a smile when they get the idea.


Nailed it … see, I knew it!

Ten bucks fifty indeed.

Some extra lines you can try

  • Would you like to pay for that with cash or card?
  • Will you need me to gift-wrap for you?
  • I’m like a human cash register, it’s a gift.
Alternative ending

Put the barcode back into the envelope, swipe your hand over it and hand it to them.


It’s now 50% off, but only for the next minute.

Anticipated responses and retorts

What is that barcode really telling us?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Where did you learn this?

I took the barcode exam.

Could that barcode actually be the price you said?

Anything is possible with Coolfidence.
Good follow ups
When & where
When to use it
  • When you want to get people to smile.
  • When you need to loosen someone up.
  • When you want to have a light moment.
Where to use it
  • mentoring
  • sales meetings
  • general informal gatherings
  • customer visits
  • socializing
Getting ready
Items required
  • An envelope with a piece of paper inside
  • Print out a barcode on a piece of paper and place it inside an envelope.
Training required
  • Try not to reveal the barcode right away when you remove the piece of paper from the envelope.
Watch out (potential unexpected effects)
  • It may make you want to go shopping.

type type

Do It Yourself (DIY)

material material

a piece of paper and an envelope

size size

an envelope can fit snugly in your jacket or laptop bag

durability durability

don’t put it in the washing machine

source source

a friend

time to impact time to impact

pretty much there and then

size of audience size of audience

this is best in a one-on-one

possible health risk possible health risk

shopping … ?

reusable how many times you can use it

once per person

training needed training needed

try not to show the barcode right away when you take the paper out of the envelope

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