Ring For a Smile

The world needs more time-outs for smiles, and this handy device can help with just that. It even has instructions on the side for 100% clarity. Break tension when the time is right. Frank Sinatra once sang, “Ring-a-ding ding, ring-a-ding ding.” And who can argue with Ol’ Blue Eyes?

the Coolfidence kit

Want to break the ice, start conversations and increase the number of smiles in a room? The Coolfidence Box offers you fun tools and communication hacks to engage with others. It's the ultimate curated collection of original gizmos and goodies that have been tried and tested through years of research.

Get people talking in real life with these unconventional analogue ideas, they'll even keep you amused on your own. If you want to think outside the ordinary, you’ve got to think inside the box.

Would you be interested in purchasing this quarterly box of wonder? Please let us know.

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