Slumdog Millionaire

Raised in the slums of Mumbai, Jalal and his brother are orphans who use their wits to survive their situation. Jamal becomes a contestant on India's version of Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire. He wins 10 million rupees in his first appearance but is arrested by the police who want to know how an illiterate 'slumdog' could know all of those answers without cheating. He explains how events in his life taught him the answers, as if fate played a role. He hopes that fate will give at least one more good turn as he had a very specific reason for going on the show in the first place - to reconnect with another orphan girl with whom he grew up with.

The film shows how Jamal and his brother choose to succeed for either money or love - leading them down different life paths. It asks questions about coincidence versus destiny, about using what we learn to shape our future and about book smarts versus life smarts - both valid ways to succeed.

It's about not letting your background, financial situation or social standing hold you back and teaches us about optimism, embracing life experiences and the willpower to succeed.

It's a true slumdog underdog story. Like the characters, this film surprised Hollywood by winning several Academy Awards, including best director, cinematographer, screenplay and best motion picture of the year.

It has great lessons and heart. It's good for an icebreaking gift or as a bonding experience with friends or work colleagues.



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