Stretching the Truth

The truth always sets us free, well, that is how the saying goes. But the truth can also be playful, Coolfidence style. This icebreaker is fun, simple and gets people relaxed. Versatile and loaded with quirk, this is a stress reliever as well as a playing field leveller. The truth is out there, according to the X-Files, or it is hiding in your pocket, just waiting to be stretched.

Guide lines

Pull the latex out at any opportune moment: such as when someone is making a statement you don’t think is true, or telling a story that seems unlikely, or perhaps when you want to lighten the mood.


Can I stop you there … are you sure you’re not … stretching the truth?

Stretch the truth a few times to make your point.

If the opportunity strikes a little later, do it again without saying anything else - for comedic effect. Or add:


Hang on, are you sure there’s none of this going on? Just checking.

This even works when only showing it to people listening to another person - the speaker doesn’t necessarily have to see you doing it. 

Your comrades will be in on the joke. (Probably don’t do this when your boss is talking to all the staff.)

Some extra lines you can try throughout

  • Let’s take these to a political debate and pull them out during the speeches.
  • I like to call this 'the politician’s business card'.
  • After stretching the truth reveal, stretch the rubber material and let it snap onto your arm or thigh, saying: Man, the truth can hurt.
  • Handing rubber TRUTH to someone, give this to (suggested person) in sales, he should get a lifetime achievement award in stretching the truth.
Anticipated responses and retorts

Did you really just do that?

Oh yeah – the truth sets us free.

Where did you learn this crazy thing?

I can’t lie – the truth is, my mother showed me this. (stretching the latex again)

Where did you get that rubber from – it is not from a _____ is it?!

You got a very colourful imagination there.

Ouch! It hurts! What was that?!

Right! Reality bites. Let's try one more time?
Good follow ups
When & where
When to use it
  • It is a great tool to get a colleague to relax and focus.
  • Excellent for mentoring sessions.
  • Good for parents to show their kids the importance of telling the truth.
  • This works well when dealing with a pushy salesman.
  • This is a great leveller. Fantastic for when people are going on and on and you need to get a discussion going.
  • This always gets people calmer. It brings a lot of smiles.
Where to use it
  • office
  • board room
  • pub
  • restaurant
  • social circles
  • with friends
  • in school
  • at university
Getting ready
Items required
  • a balloon or a latex rubber glove (you can get this at pharmacy)
  • a permanent marker
  • Use any decent sized, rubberised material, like balloons or surgical gloves.
  • Write the word TRUTH on the material in permanent marker. Make sure it’s bold and easily readable.
  • Let the marker ink dry before testing it out with a stretch.
  • Conceal in an easy to reach spot such as pocket or wallet.
Training required
  • practice stretching the rubber a few times to make sure it does not snap suddenly.
Watch out (potential unexpected effects)
  • Careful about stretching the rubber too far or it will snap.
  • Don’t use up the last latex balloon in the office.
  • Don't try to use the latex for any other purpose.
  • Don't stretch the truth with your boss.

type type

Do It Yourself (DIY)

material material

rubber and a permanent marker pen

size size

small (it should fit easily in your jacket pocket)

durability durability

the rubber can snap so have a spare one handy

source source


time to impact time to impact

pretty instant

size of audience size of audience

personal or a small group

possible health risk possible health risk

don’t let kids of pets handle the rubber – could be a choking hazard

reusable how many times you can use it

multiple times

training needed training needed

minimal – practice stretching the rubber

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