The Cube Mobile Projector

RIF6, based in New York, have created what could be described as the GoPro of projectors. Smaller is better for portability, and it doesn’t get much smaller than a projector that’s 2 inches cubed, literally.

The Cube is office friendly, but also good with kids, for classrooms, movies and gaming - as well as for retailers and travelling exhibit displays.

It’s a plug and play device, producing a screen up to 120 inches in size. With micro SD/USB and HDMI input options, it connects to any laptop or mobile device. And yes, it has a remote control. Impressively bright for its size, the projector runs on a LED light source (50 lumens) that is said to provide 20,000 hours of life. Four times the lifespan of normal bulbs.

That’s a lot of presentations to sit through before it needs replacing. Battery life is ninety minutes, but plugs into mains. There’s an internal speaker, but a headphone jack provides options to create better external sound levels.

As with good cameras, you need a good tripod for maximum effect, and RIF6 have put effort into getting the sturdy yet flexible tripod to complete the package.

Take it into the bush for a tent-side movie screen or project it upwards for a roof-viewing from the ground up. For the more refined, some people even connect their Kindles to it and read on the big screen.

Light up your walls and boardroom screens with information from the palm of your hand.

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