The Full Monty is an iconic British comedy-drama set in the working class city of Sheffield after the steel mills closed down.

It involves six unemployed men who, through the inspiration of their unappointed leader, Gaz, end up forming a male striptease act to earn money and overcome personal obstacles in their lives. In a moment of desperation to market their act, Gaz tells the town that his group will go the ‘full Monty’ and strip down to nothing - for them to stand out, so to speak.

It’s first and foremost a comedy, but has more serious themes woven in to provide some poignant moments. Topics such as unemployment, depression, impotence, homosexuality, male body image and working class culture are explored.

The Full Monty was a major critical success and nominated for several Academy Awards. It’s a charming movie about human resilience to overcoming the odds, stepping out of comfort zones to succeed, the power of teamwork and camaraderie. All delivered along with an upbeat, toe-tapping soundtrack.

This movie makes a great icebreaker. Recommend it to colleagues and friends. Watch it together with people in your team as a bonding exercise.



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